My Ark Hive

March twenty six
Went to Dixons to pick up my final cheque
Alan was there and I showed him the scar
Mr Stark shook my hand
They gave me a camera
The Braun Nizo 801
He was always kind to me but
I will not go back again

March twenty nine
Took the last box of Uncle Geoff's stuff to Oxfam
The house is looking kind of empty now
I put the Seventh Voyage of Sinbad poster over the fireplace
And it certainly brightens up the room
Wonderful thunderstorm in the afternoon
Torrential rain
The gutters were flooded
Lovely to be indoors in the warm
When it's so cold and wet outside

April 3rd
Missed my appointment at the clinic
Dr Anwar phoned about my prescription
And I rushed down to Boots and got there just as it was closing
Very nice girl on the counter
She asked me about my hair and I saw from her badge
that her name is Helen
She really is lovely and friendly

April 5th
Worked in the garden all morning
Cut back the vine and cleared the drain
Which was choked with leaves
Listened to the radio.
Spoke to no one all day
I think the phone may be broken.

April 9th
The pain is much worse
Can't concentrate.
David Beckett called round but I didn't
Answer the door
I don't want to see anyone.
Stayed in bed.
Must get Dr Anwar to increase my prescription.

April 12th
Everything is lost.
I've lost track of time.
I wish Uncle Geoff was here.
I've got to get down the shops later


April 14th
I waited for Helen after work
and followed her home
She lives in a lovely house
On Pandon Grove
I think it's Victorian
Anyway it backs onto the river
In Cade Park
The flood has left considerable debris
Along the banks
There's an old rusted moped under the bridge
I think Helen's bedroom is in
The loft extension
I waited until it was dark
And watched the lights come on
And then the rain started
Going home I saw a heron

April 16th
I had a strange dream about me and Helen
We were in a lovely garden
In some kind of summerhouse
She had a beautiful flowery dress on
And she gave me a glass animal
I can't stop thinking about her


April 21st
When I'm gone
This world will be gone
Uncle Geoff is already gone
The phone is broken and I
Am nodding in and out of the golden realm
I know that Misty is waiting for me there
As of old
He will lick my hand and
I will smooth his lovely fur

I don't see why this has to happen to me
I have always tried to be kind
And to be nice to people

April 24th
Helen is the most beautiful girl
Ever born
Her face is so lovely
I would not care if she hit me
Or cut me with a knife
Her heart is true
She is the true heart of love
She is the shining star
The blinding star of love
Didn't get out till three
Went to B and Q and bought the gaffer tape

April 27th
In the city there are forests
Of jasmine and Poplar
Hidden groves and vineyards
For the silent temple
For the ancient courtyards
For the hooded disciples
For the sacrificial flame
For the glass animals
They shall lead me to the altar
They shall be there
And Helen will be there
with Dr Anwar, Misty, David Beckett, Alan and Mr Stark
And all the winged horses
And the herons and
I am leaving you
And the world will be destroyed