Camberwell Belongs To Me

When did I last see you
It must be
It could be a year
18 months
Or maybe
It was
It was Winter anyway

I've been meaning to have a word with you
I was wondering
Did those kids on the Glebe ever catch that albino squirrel ?
there was a reward
A thousand pounds

They were rolling that Safeway trolley into the oncoming traffic
And there was a yellow sign
Which said
Thursday night
Violent sexual attack
Nine thirty

Because there were beautiful russet apples
There was Radichio
There were medlars
You know what I mean

Fumes Kill
It was painted all over the front of the house
You get me
Do you get me
Chatting shit about my Nokia
blood star blood
Do you know what I’m saying
Must you ride your bike on the pavement

You called the lift and there was the sound of a distant harmonica
The sound grew closer
Then the lift doors opened and there was a man playing a harmonica in the lift
Actually in the lift
Believe or not
You can believe it or else don’t believe it
I don’t fucking care

Did they ever catch that squirrel ?
You know who would know
Esme would know
But they put her back in the Maudsley
They found her out on Orpheus Street
In her outfit
With that helmet she made out of aluminium foil
She was trying to stop the voices from God
She said I'm invisible now
I'm invisible
But you know
Everyone just totally fucking ignored her

Just another pint of Stella
Golden Virginia
Broken glass
Salt cod

I live in Brockley and and I've lost my wallet
D'you think you could just lend me the fare home
I have to get home
But there is no home

I don’t usually ask for money
But the last time I saw you
That’s right
Navigating South South west out of Dagmar Road
You were clinging to the railings like a captain lashed to the wheel of a clipper in a typhoon
With piss all down your trousers
You said
I have had enough of this
I’ve fucking had enough
Tears were rolling down your face

Because of the crocuses out back of St Giles
The pollen
The Sad Bar
Bavent Road
Vicarage Grove
Beautiful afternoon
Unknown girls in the darkness
Dancing in the olive grove

She had a dog in a pram
Outside the Bolu
She had the face of a fallen angel
A consumptive angel
And I said to her
have you ever seen a dog hanging from a tree by it’s teeth ?
You understand what I’m saying
You can’t read a book in the rain
You could kind of hunch over it
Try and protect it
But in the end it’s going to get wet
It’s going to buckle and warp
And it’s just going to be saturated fucking wadge

You know what I’m saying
And so I hope that’s alright
I know we haven’t always seen
Eye to eye on things
But I wanted to tell you about this
And I just wan’t you to know the truth about it
So that if anyone ever asks you
You can tell them
Camberwell belongs to me