Electra in Penge

Listen only to my voice
Only my voice
You are getting sleepy
So sleepy
Sleep Pee

Do you remember that night I met you in the rain
On Woodvale
The gutters were coursing with rain
And all your clothes were soaked
And the wind blew a leaf into your mouth
And remember you said
get it out of my mouth
Because its gone in my mouth
And so I pushed my fingers into your mouth

And then you took me to that house by the allotments
With all the lanterns and the crane flies
And I said what is this place
and you said Crystal Palace
And I said Crystal Palace
And then you said its Christal Palice


And do you remember there was a picture of a vintage car etched into burnished copper
and what looked like coagulated brown sauce on the frame and
It smelt of cat's piss
and remember  
there was a used elastoplaster with two stains
A brown dark inner stain
And a yellow outer stain
Like a tide
Like chromotography
And I said
dont you fucking dare put that thing near me
Don't you fucking get that thing on me

And remember there was a rusted chair crushed up on the embankment
Amongst the nettles
And the ivy had grown through the babies skull
And you were wanking me off
And do you remember I got a shard of that stained glass
Stuck in my thigh
And it wouldn't stop bleeding
And you said that if I really loved you
I would do it
And I said I'm not doing it alright
I'm not doing it
And I dont even want to fucking talk about it anymore

And remember there were those magnets
And that wooden spoon with the handle shaped like a moth
And you said it's not the cancer that kill's you
It's the Cheemo
And I said you don't need Cheemo with all the fucking drugs
You take
We were living in Honor oak
And we kidnapped that Lebanese girl
And made her stand on a box
And filmed it
You remember

There was that red brick wall and through the
wrought iron gate
You could see the cedars in the garden
And the mausoleum by the lake
And I climbed the wall
And dropped down into the reeds
And the guards came
And I said
I'll meet you back at the station
Wait for me at the station
I'll meet you there
Wait for me
Do you remember me ?
Do you remember how it was ?

No you do not remember
When you wake up
You will have forgotten  everything I have said
You will have forgotten this film

On the count of 3 wake up