Lord of the Wasps

In the dark days there arose in the East
A shadow that threatened the empire of stars
A secret power that if ever unleashed
Would bring night and death to the folk of the shire

One Ring to rule them all
One Ring to find them
One Ring to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them

Fellowship of the Wasp
The two towers are burning
The axis of evil is turning

And hidden deep under the earth
Lies the black and ancient forest
That keeps the Western turbines churning

Only you can save the shires
England middle england
Only you can save the Christian Elflords
from the eye of Ossama and the infidel horde of darkness

Use your secret dossier of power
the ring binder
immortal invisible
the spinning ring


the west is the best
the west is the best
the return of the king
the white king
the blonde king

Lord of the Wasps
Regime change
Pre-emptive revenge
ten thousand infidels dead

Long ago in the shire
The war was cold
The teeth were gold
Tolkein spy lord
Broke the code

Now no more alternative wholefood
No more fringed tie dye wrapround skirts

Lord of the wasps
Collectable action figure of Gondor
Limited edition ceramic princess in coils of dragon
Fan art of Tony in elf love
Spin the ring

Exeter Goths swap role play game cards
Young wasp at MIT
Pioneers interactive death blog

Market segmentation
Elves -A1- nobility and leisure class
Men -A2-executive and professional elite
Dwarves -B1-C- skilled manual workers
Hobits - B2- rural and agricultural trades
Orcs - D-E-UNEMPLOYED cockneys and heathen infidels

Lord of the Wasps
Unite against the dark lord
Fellowship of the wasp
Neo pagan celt lore
Gandalf the white

Blair son of Thatcher
the father the son the holy ghost
chemical strike on Croydon multiplex
Screen one Finding Nemo
Screen two the Passion of Christ
Screen three the Lord of the Wasps

the War against Terror
the flame against petrol
Smash violence
Bomb for justice
Kill for peace
Lie for truth

Lost in an American
Wilderness of pain

Tony awoke before dawn
and he put his boots on
then he walked on down the hall
untill he came to a door
and he looked inside
“Yes Son”
I want to fuck you

Lord of the wasps

and so I’d like to thank all the armies of people who made this possible especially the New Labour Party, the American Government, the arms manufacturers, most of all the people of Iraq who welcomed us into their homes and finally Tony Blair who is a fucking liar who should burn in his christian hell for all eternity.