We miss you

And we will always love you

Most beautiful Princess Crowned forever our Princess of hearts

Our divine lady of the sacred heart

Plague and contagion dissolved with your kiss

And now the angels jealous of our love

Have stolen you

Most blessed virgin

Never to be queen

Even the dogs and the cats lament your death

The crows at Ludgate Circus weep

The stones in the street cry out for vengeance

Blackest night

Most awful crime Murdered by the catholic

French who covet our English throne

Infidels who drag their heathen fingers through your Divine hair

Your flawless virgin body mangled in some German car

Rise up we beseech you against the foul practice that engulfs the land

Rise up against the vile iniquity that usurps the throne of this beloved isle

Appear to us now in your blonde armour as you

Walk amongst the land mines where petals of flame adorn your shrine

Blair has betrayed the true cause of socialism

Even now his creatures build a heathen dome at Greenwich

Whilst we languish in poverty and dishonour

Oh peoples Princess unsheathe the sword of Anarcho syndicalism

Oasis are not the Beatles

Tilda Swinton blasphemes your sacred name

Everywhere our enemies conspire against us

Emma Thomson will never play you in the feature film By the award winning Alan Parker

The Oxbridge graduates only want to save the planet for their parents

And we know that Genesis P.Orridge was a prefect at Winchester

Blessed virgin appear to us now in your bridal veil of perpetual fire

Deliver the Princes from the tower

We will wrap your broken sacred corpse in Bodyform Invisible with the dry weave top sheet



England my Frankenstein

Burn Knightsbridge with your flames of love

Why must we endure bacon offcuts and fishcakes

Whilst they nightly dine on rissotto of wild rice with marinated Sea Bass

We cannot speak Latin

And yet constantly they force us to try out new stubbling and

Dry brush marbling effects on our old furniture

Raise your blonde sword against the T.V. MAKEOVER

We do not want to be made over

Oh Princess deliver unto us the means of production

Unleash your cleansing fire against Harrods and Harvey Nichols

Where your enemies besport themselves

In vile and tainted luxury

Even now the homeless are evicted from the Bullring at Waterloo

So that they may raise an Imax Cinema Complex

Oh villains, oh you villains Do you hope for sanctuary ?

The very mansions of Hampstead, Dulwich and Maida Vale will

Eject your irredeemable souls

For she returns In a blaze of glory

Her most Royal Highness

Diana Artemis

Stamp upon the hearts of the rich and powerful

In your handmade calfskin loafers

An ocean of flowers spills from her mouth

Oh England my Frankenstein

The peasants are at the castle door

The bolts in my neck

The storm clouds are winding

The electric air

You gave me life


You gave me life !