Invisible Shrine

Invisible shrine
On the strop of darkness
I am sharpening Occams razor
Sharpening and revolving
I am mystifying and demystifying
For the rays and the beams
For the non ravens
Under the plastic sky
The lens
The painted sky
It is I who command you

I invoke the trash of life against you
The filth is against you
The rust
The corpses of hornets
Soiled knickers
fluff from my navel
The blue powder mold on bad lemons
They rebuke you

Lozenges in Wax wrappers are against you
Magnolia petals
Burnt head of skeleton pez dispenser
Monkey puzzle trees

Plastecine is against you
The non ravens
The Octopus
Amateurs, drunks, punks, sluts, junkies and cunts command you
The King of Spades
Overhead projector pens in all colours and thickness of nib are against you

Dancing bears
Crab paste
Splinters and kittens
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes


They rebuke you

Against the whiteness
Against progress
Against your sacred aura


Come from the burning dawn I summon thee
Rudolph Sallis
Fred Karno
Windsor mcKay
Jack Smith
Jeff Keen
Kay Harker

I invoke you Cthulu from the submarine depths
The lord of the air commands you
The nameless cults
The daughters of Albion
Googie Withers commands you
The slits command you


For the three conditions
The duration of the spirit         X
The melting of sugar                  Y
The petrified forest                  Z

The set of these three is the closed system
The memory of these sections
The sound of my voice

If X then Y and not Z
If Z then neither Y nor X
Have you ever been stung by a dead wasp ?

Emma Peel arises
Her enemies are scattered and those who hate her vanish as smoke
It is she who commands you

Kindness divided by hate equals love
The kite will forgive the jet
But I will not forgive you
For I am revolving
I am leaving Plato’s cave
I am searching for you
Seventh Art
sacred aura
I rebuke you

Whatever happened to the Lux ?
Whatever happened to the two hundred million lottery funding ?


Gothic phantom
Bogus radicalism
Immaculate rhododendron
Leave this institute

It is loop of incredible melting man that commands you
It is underground cinema that commands you