Calling all jets

Come in jets

I have a secret message for Nato Command over

Europe is in terrible danger

Forces of darkness gather at the border

The cry of the ethnic Abanians will not be silenced

The West will not endure the inhuman crimes of the ruthless Serbs over

The Great powers must call a halt to this tyranny

As in the Bulgarian atrocities of 1878

The Turkish intervention of 1912

The Great World War

The Second World War

For how much longer must Kossova cry out in anguish as the criminal Serbs rape and massacre the innocent Albanians stop

How can we face the new millennium when brutality and barbarism go unchecked.

The League of Nations the European Union the United States combined in the democratic power of NATO will seek out the vile war criminals.

There will be no hiding place for the tyrants

Let them surround themselves with conspirators

Let them hide in the shadow of their treachery

No Nation will harbour them.

Let the world understand that wherever there is injustice, wherever liberty is threatened, wherever human rights are denied NATO will seek out the phantom menace and bomb it

Air war of justice

Our jets strike for freedom

Swift is the punishment against the alleged phantom menace over

Strike against the evil Serb media network

Stealth bomber of justice

The price of freedom is not cheap Five million pounds each bomb dropped

Save kossova the ravaged land

Slobdan is new Hitler

The Serbs are the new Nazis

Bomb for peace

Bomb for Jill Dando

Bomb for free speech

Bomb for new decisive marketing

Eurowar of liberty over

Market led war of justice

Data based quality control of peace

New opportunities in refugee skills over

Might right night flight

Albania no points Yugoslavia no points