The Night Before Christmas

I am the ghost of Christmas past

December 24th 1973 I see little stars

And that night God was born

I heard the conversation of bats and nightingales

The Hornet spook light

They have set their hearts on Spirograph and Gestapo uniform for Action Man

I have been hunting the wren

When I catch the wren I will nail it to a pole and roast it on the fire

By this alchemy I shall become Alistair Sim

The wolves are running

And then I saw Father Davis alone in the vestry after evensong I was watching through the stained glass window and he took off his face

He is the sky pilot he has the head of a cricket

So I realised the conspiracy of the insect horde against St Mathews

The insectoids

They have bought a house in Mortlake

I phoned my cousin who smells of Calor gas

He has Tomb Raider 3 I only have Magic Robot and dates in wooden box from Holy Land where god was born

Most beloved saviour Gloria in excelsis deus

He walks in shadows

He wears an overcoat and gloves connected through the arms by string

Also he has antlers

King of heaven

Christ will lead an army of children against the insect horde

Many of them already have guns and knives

There are different coloured sugared almonds but they all taste the same

Santa anagram of satan

Little stars

From the east come 3 kings on scooter and car

Darwin, Freud and Marx

The gables and the eaves


wolves howling

Buy me insectoid patrol leader with locust head and gripping hands

Buy me Christ agent of vengeance

I have created worlds

I am teenage Herod at kill all sons born in stable dot com.

Night fishing for Jesus

Secret compass in heel of shoe leads to dark forest of the insect people

antler christ vs. gangsters

I have sekoten pistol with top loading magazine

Let the wren peck out my eye to help beggars

I behold St Mathews in the snow

Mistletoe darts stab my ankle

My hunchback is really beautiful angel wings of czechoslovakia

I ascend to rafters in glory

the hope and fears of all the years are met in me tonight

Peace on earth, goodwill to the humans