You don't have to get married

And you don't have to kill your father

Dont got to Thebes

Really I mean it
Forget the throne
Leave the Sphinx alone

The scars on your ankles were made by the shackles you wore as a child

Will you now lock them back on yourself ?

I'm warning you
Don't go to Thebes
Your adopted parents love you and I love you
In fact everybody fucking loves you

So don't go to Thebes


The Curse of the mummy
The temple of doom In the country of the blind The one eyed snake is king



Out on the hungry snow road

Where nobody knows your name
It's so attractive
The spires and steeples
The night moth light
The blood
They want you for their king
The prophet king
With a white stick and a dark glasses
Don't go to Thebes


At the cathedral

The bishop is waiting

The congregation is embarassed
Fuck the coronation
Let them wait
You have beautiful eyes
If you oppose the king You will become the king

Don't go to Thebes


Anyway the city is quarantined
The baggage handlers are on strike
Beautiful soldiers at the border
Power cuts
Disinfectant mats
Books burning in the street
Electric laurel leaves
Swallows under the eaves
Don't go to Thebes



At the exclusive Research Academy
Set amongst lawns and ancient firs
The study group is considering the plague
Casting the runes
Decoding the script
The Secrets of the crypt the supplement the imaginary
The Magnets in a vacuum
The vast accelerator looping out under the suburbs


During the day they walk as men at dusk it's back to four legs

Beneath their atomic microscopes they have isolated many strange particles, rods and cones, visions, the mother father figure, the tar baby, the slave trade, the male gaze, Plato's cave, Napoleon, Snowball,Cancer of the mouth, the viral spiral, East of eden, metonyms, metaphors, penis envy, non-diegetic sound, froth, whiteness, night loss and false consciousness. The blind prophet fumbles acetates onto the overhead projector He's working in Greek later published in Latin But the cause of the plague is the search for the cure Born again with amnesia We cannot return any of your pictures but there will be a prize for any work that is shown



I'm serious

Dont go to Thebes
Dont drink the Hemlock
Dont sign the contract

Dont go back


You dont have to go

You can come with me


We could build a city without kings and gods...City of super 8 voodoo love, folk television, plagiarism, experimental gambling, friend swapping, car boot bartering, pagan ritual, non sexist porn, autonomous lotteries, free drugs, polygamy, pet cemeteries, sex furniture, transvestites, conversation, skateboard valleys......whatever you want...I'm open to persuasion...



We can make our own riddles
No more archeology
No more lords
No priests
No prophets
Im so bored of rebel angels
Really I dont think the messiah is coming and you aren't even fucking close


So I'm telling you

Don't go to Thebes.