Twenty First Century


That morning I zipped up my turquoise ORLON jump suit

Caught the monorail for off world Terminal nine

Two thousand light years

Bound for New London

Glance at wrist TV

Got my kinky suede

Chelsea boots with Cuban heel

Got my vibro needle gun in transparent pocket on thigh

préparez-vous au saut dans l'espace hyper

Twenty first century

Two Thousand AD
David Milliband wears fawn polar neck and makes for the dome in his hover car

Ergonomic red perspex chair
Rises from vent

Get me the station at Mull X quadrant nine

the third dimension

The war against the Parn

Hobbs end
Immortal life of Spencer Banks

Twenty first century

I know that square black pills taste of lamb

Green pills make you tense

And teeth stretch blue ice pole plastic

Its the twenty first century

Skeleton hand scan opens alloy door with faint hiss

Clone of young David McCallum

And Julie Christie with modular breasts in grey felt

Economic migrants from Venus

Its the twenty first century

I'm having trouble with my implant

Its weeping
Its gone septic

No more cold war

No more blonde cosmonaut

Wake me up from this suspended animation

Tolchok the grahzny bratchny

It's the magma

I think the crew are dead

My arm is turning into a fucking cactus

I'm going to Westminster Abbey to kill TV News crew

Twenty first century

OH my Holo gogs

No longer can I spill glass of Cinzano Bianco using only my mind

Twenty first century

I have come from your future to warn you

We didn't make it to Mars we only got as far as the shops